The Principals and employees of MiCRA are pleased to announce that several prominent economists have recently joined the firm.

Donald L. Martin, formerly Executive Vice President of Glassman-Oliver Economic Consultants, has joined the firm as a principal. Dr. Martin's practice includes antitrust merger and litigation work, intellectual property and damage analysis. He has made numerous presentations before regulatory bodies, including the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission and has extensive experience as an economic expert testifying before federal and state courts, the United States Court of International Trade and the European Commission. Dr. Martin is the author of numerous books and articles on antitrust, telecommunications, intellectual property, and labor economics. Before becoming a full-time consultant, he was a tenured member of the economics faculties at the University of Virginia and the University of Miami Law and Economics Center.

Lloyd E. Oliver joins MiCRA as a Special Consultant. He was a senior economist and official of the Bureau of Economics of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for a number of years. At the FTC, he was Chairman of the Commission's Merger Screening Committee and an economist member of the FTC's Antitrust and Consumer Protection Evaluation Committees, which recommended all investigations and litigation into competition and consumer protection matters. He was a co-founder of Glassman-Oliver Economic Consultants, Inc. and was President of the company for most of the twenty-seven years of its existence. He has testified extensively in court and arbitration proceedings in regulatory, antitrust, consumer protection and damages matters (in a variety of settings) and has made numerous presentations before the FTC and DOJ, as well before other governmental agencies and the European Economic Commission.

S. Murthy Kambhampaty is also joining MiCRA as a Principal. Dr. Kambhampaty is an expert in applied industrial organization with published articles and reports on applied econometrics and quantitative microeconomic analysis. He has extensive experience analyzing antitrust, competition, and regulatory issues in many industries including animal feeds, retail packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, and dynamic random access memory (“DRAM”). His analyses frequently rely on complex models using large datasets of transactions data or retail scanner data, such as analysis of competitive effects from potential mergers and analysis of alleged price fixing. He has provided oral testimony in arbitration as well as litigation deposition testimony. Dr. Kambhampaty has also submitted reports to antitrust regulatory authorities in the United States and to the European Commission and has made several presentations at the Federal Trade Commission and other government agencies.

Dr. John D. Culbertson and Mr. Todd V. Hasson are joining MiCRA as Vice Presidents.

John D. Culbertson is an expert in antitrust economics and economic damages. He has served as a consultant for clients operating in a number of industries, including health insurance, physician services, hospital services, radiation therapy services, distribution of cardiovascular surgery products, submersible turbine pumps, gasoline dispensing equipment, distribution of internet networking equipment, food retailing, and real estate services. He had testified more than a dozen times in deposition or trial. Dr. Culbertson also taught economics at Carleton College, as well as in the economics department, business school, and law school at Case Western Reserve University.

Todd V. Hasson earned an MBA and is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charter holder. He has developed damage models, performed valuations, and estimated the costs of capital and prejudgment interest rates in the context of antitrust, contract dispute and intellectual property cases. Mr. Hasson has provided deposition testimony and has completed damage studies on dozens of matters in a wide range of industries.

We also welcome three new excellent analysts/programmers from Glassman-Oliver: Andrew Clarke, Daniel Haar, and Matthew Simmons.

Everyone at MiCRA is excited about the addition of such capable and experienced economists to the firm. Our new colleagues enhance our capabilities and experience in damage estimation, antitrust analysis, and the analysis of intellectual property issues. These additions have increased our consulting staff significantly, and we expect our larger scale to enable us to staff large projects more efficiently.
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