Selected Publications & Papers  
  Antitrust - Mergers  
  Dalkir, S. and F. Warren-Boulton. “Market Definition and the Price Effects of Mergers: Staples-Office Depot (1997),” in The Antitrust Revolution: Economics, Competition and Policy, John E. Kwoka and Lawrence J. White, eds.(Oxford University Press, 4th edition, 2003).

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  Antitrust - Other Topics  
  Snapp, Bruce. “The Use and Abuse of Customer Testimony in Antitrust Litigation,” Private Antitrust Litigation News,
(Spring 1998) 1-4.

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Eisenstadt, D. "Hospital Competition and Costs: The Carilion Case," in Kwoka and White, The Antitrust Revolution (NY: Harper Collins, 1994).
  Behavioral Economics  
  Warren-Boulton, F. "On Loss Aversion In Capuchin Monkeys"  
  Intellectual Property  
  Baseman, K. and F. Warren-Boulton. "Copyright Protection of Software Can Make Economic Sense," Computer Lawyer (February 1995) (with G. Woroch).

Baseman, K. and F. Warren-Boulton. "The Economics of Intellectual Property Protection for Software: The Proper Role for Copyright," Standard View (1995) (with G. Woroch).
  Regulatory Economics  
  Warren-Boulton, F. "The Economics of Credit Card Interest Rate Caps," (May 1993) (with L. Meyer).

Warren-Boulton, F. "Regulatory Alternatives for FERC Following the Energy Policy Act of 1992," Federal Energy Bar Assoc. Meeting (November 1992).

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  Pelcovits, M. and D. Haar, "MiCRA releases updated study of consumer benefits from cable-telco competition"

Pelcovits, M. "Regulatory Policy Reform for the Transition to Fully Competitive Voice Markets White Paper #1"

Pelcovits, M. "Regulatory Policy Reform for the Transition to Fully Competitive Voice Markets White Paper #2 Interconnection Policy"

Pelcovits, M. "Debunking the Make-Whole Myth: A Common Sense Approach to Reducing Irrational Telecommunications Subsidies White Paper #3"

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