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  Damage Analysis  
  A. Mitchell Gross v. Chrysler Corporation  
  Jon Joyce provided an expert affidavit demonstrating that the class was not damaged by violation of the Consumer Protection Act and that incidents of damage were not caused by the Defendant.  
  Bethlehem Steel Corporation v. Elkem Metals Company L.P. and Elkem ASA and Bethlehem Steel Corporation v. SKW Metals and Alloys, Inc. and SKW Trostberg AG and Charles Zak  
  Jon Joyce filed written and deposition testimony on market definition and damages in these two related but separate litigations. Both matters were settled.  
  Gillette v. Optiva Corp.  
  Lloyd Oliver testified for Gillette in a jury case on the amount of damages on a deceptive advertising claim under the Lanham Act. Gillette was awarded significant damages.  
  Iams v. Kal Kan Foods, Inc.  
  Steve Silberman prepared an expert report and testified at deposition that Iams’ economic expert had provided no credible evidence that Kal Kan’s magazine ads had affected Iams’ sales. Kal Kan reached a favorable settlement.  
  In Re: Vitamins Antitrust Litigation  
  Bruce Snapp provided economic analysis and litigation support for the four niacin defendants and assisted the testifying economist in the preparation of his expert report and testimony.
Rick Warren-Boulton submitted a report supporting defendants' motions to strike the report of an economics expert hired by the plaintiffs because it did not meet the standards required under Daubert.
  International Telecharge, Inc., et al. v. AT&T  
  Bruce Snapp testified on damages incurred by the plaintiff operator service providers as a result of allegedly false and misleading statements by AT&T.  
  Jose Maiz, et al. v. Amir Virani, et al.  
  Steve Silberman provided trial testimony concerning the damages plaintiffs suffered as a result of defendants’ fraudulent behavior. The jury gave plaintiffs a multi-million dollar award.  
  Southwest Recreational Industries, Inc. v. Field Turf, Inc.  
  Rick Warren-Boulton served as the expert witness for Southwest Recreational Industries. His deposition and trial testimony provided evidence of liability and estimated damages under the Lanham Act resulting in a favorable decision (Texas).  
  Thomas & Betts v. IBM  
  Lloyd Oliver provided written and deposition testimony analyzing damages due the plaintiff as a result of an alleged breach of contract by IBM in failing to make Thomas & Betts its exclusive manufacturer of computer connectors. The case was settled on terms favorable to the plaintiff before trial.  
  Regulatory Economics  
  Abuse of KPN's dominant position for the termination of calls on its mobile network; European Commission Case COMP/37.704  
  Michael Pelcovits prepared a report on the call termination charges of KPN Mobile in The Netherlands. As an MCI Vice President, he also presented evidence in an oral hearing of the European Commission on KPN's discriminatory practices in the market for termination of mobile calls on wireline networks.  
  Investigation into the Obligations of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers to Unbundle Network Elements  
  Michael Pelcovits testified before the Pennsylvania Public Service Commission concerning implementation of the rules on access to unbundled network elements.  
  Singapore IDA  
  Michael Pelcovits has been consulted by the telecommunications regulatory agency in Singapore on competition policies relating to access to submarine cable landing stations and the local loop infrastructure controlled by SingTel, the incumbent telephone company. He has written reports and met with the government officials responsible for making decisions on these issues.  
  Triennial Review of unbundling obligations of incumbent local exchange carriers.  
  Michael Pelcovits submitted several expert reports and declarations to the Federal Communications Commission concerning which components of the local telephone network need to be unbundled to facilitate the development of competition. Among these reports were a model estimating the impact of regulatory decisions on the level of entry in the marketplace.  
  Intellectual Property  
  Power MOSFET Technologies, LLC v. Siemens, AG, et al.  
  Rick Warren-Boulton and Alan Rockwood analyzed patent infringement damage claims for a plaintiff holding patents on the design of a new generation of metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors used in power control applications, and Rick Warren-Boulton testified at trial.  
  Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. petitioner to the US Department of Energy  
  Under certain federal contract terms, patents resulting from those research grants must be licensed in a manner that will promote competition. Rick Warren-Boulton and Alan Rockwood provided an expert witness report and Warren-Boulton also testified at the Department of Energy hearing for the petitioner on the competitive effects of certain actions and sub-license demands by Vysis, the patent holder's exclusive licensee.  
  ZC Sterling Insurance Agency, Inc. et al. v., Inc., et al.  
  Bruce Snapp testified at trial on behalf of plaintiffs concerning future economic damages that could result from the defendants' alleged theft of proprietary information for a software product to manage mortgage escrow accounts.  
  Tax & Trade  
  Honda Motors, Inc. v. Internal Revenue Service  
  Steve Silberman co-authored a report demonstrating that Honda Motors’ charged its U.S. subsidiary arms’-length transfer prices for motorcycles.  
  Yamaha Motor Corp. USA v. Internal Revenue Service  
  Bruce Snapp consulted on an expert report demonstrating that Yamaha transferred motorcycles to its U.S. subsidiary at comparable arms-length prices and that losses incurred in the U.S. were the result of market conditions.  
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